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EMAIL: malorie_potter@hotmail.com

b.1990, lives and works in Scarborough, UK

Current residential artist at Crescent Arts Gallery

Graduated Leeds College Of Art 2012


Screen Printing (in association with art connections)

Crescent Arts, Scarborough- June 2015 – One Day Course

Screen Printing Boot Camp

Crescent Arts, Scarborough -April/May 2015 – 6 Week Evening Course

Screen Printing for The Busy Bee

Crescent Arts, Scarborough- October 2015 – 4 Week Evening Course


Crescent Arts Scarborough- February 2014 – Weekend Course

An Introduction to Photographic Printing

Crescent Arts, Scarborough-June 2013- Weekend Course

Screen Printing For Beginners

Crescent Arts, Scarborough- December 2012 – 2 Day Course



File Not Found                      Bar St, Scarborough/ online       02/03/15 – 1/1/16

L.L.N.2014 (10A)                  Leeds Town Hall, Leeds                 03/10/14

The buried City                    Crescent Arts, Scarborough         12/04/14 – 20/05/14

10A                                           Crescent Arts, Scarborough        7/02/14 – 15/03/14

Art Party Conference         The Spa, Scarborough                    23/11/13

Light Night 2013                  Various Locations                           5/10/13

At Sixes&Sevens                 Crescent Arts, Scarborough         08/06/13 – 06/07/13

ESRJ #01/INFP #02             Red Door Gallery, Burley              15/03/13 – 17/03/13

Divided We Fall                   The Corn Exchange, Leeds          16/03/13 – 22/03/13

Open Studios                       Crescent Arts, Scarborough        16/02/13 -17/03/13

Dead of Night
                      Crescent Arts, Scarborough        24/10/12

Light Night 2012
                 Vernon Street, Leeds                     5/10/12

In The Cut                             Electric Angel, Scarborough      27/09/12-27/10/12

                            Crescent Arts, Scarborough       22/09/12 -20/10/12

Free Range
                           Truman Brewery, London          28/06/12 -02/07/12

LCA Degree Show
               Bleinheim Walk, Leeds             15/06/12 -22/06/12

Untitled Exhibition
           The Bowery, Leeds                      17/06/12 -01/09/12


Active Participant of Scarborough Winter School

Participated in a focus group for Crescent Arts’s Audience Development plan

Selection Panel for new artists in residence, Crescent Arts – September 2014

Visiting artist critique with students – Westwood Art collage, Scarborough- August 2014

Graduate Forum, Leeds college of Art, Leeds – October 2013

Part of the logistics team assisting with the set up of “The Art Party Conference” 2014 – The Spa Scarborough – November 2014